The blog in this course provides an interesting timeline of understanding. A way to know in what ways we’ve changed over this short period of time. The first posts I made were rather nerve wracking as others have stated. For me, the unknown of making my first “masters” posting. How good is a master, anyway?

I recall being overwhelmed and frustrated by my online, futuristic course. I wondered why I was enrolled in two separate LMS at the same school. Why I was required to log in more than once to access blogs, wikis, Connect, Vista. How was I supposed to understand the future of education when stuck in an outdated system?

Working through the course put me at ease. It’s tough (pointless?) to stay on top of every kind of technology when even online dictionaries can’t keep up with modern language. I feel uncomfortable using the word text as I once did but, fortunately, the definition of technology didn’t change much. There are simply too many technologies to keep track of, let alone literacies and they just seem to keep piling on top of each other. My technologic snobbery (technophilia?) has somewhat been reduced giving me a broader view of what technology encompasses and the potential dangers of technologic bias.

All in all, a vast difference from my original idea when I glanced at the course name and predicted I’d be learning about e-textbooks.

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