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The blog in this course provides an interesting timeline of understanding. A way to know in what ways we’ve changed over this short period of time. The first posts I made were rather nerve wracking as others have stated. For … Continue reading

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Technology and the Resurgence of Orality

Features of orality are resurfacing with modern technology. Writing has been the overwhelming technology for recording information for centuries. At its inception, writing was criticized for how it would affect our mind. (Postman, 1992) It removed discourse, much of the … Continue reading

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I’m creating a course on Lore, a free LMS created on the ideals of social networking and simplicity. If anyone wants to join in, feel free. It’s a very sleek and intuitive interface. Lots of style (I now know what … Continue reading

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Chinese Characters: From Icon to Symbol

In oral cultures, physical records were limited to icons and other memory aids. Knots, poetic devices and mnemonics were used by story tellers and accountants to keep track of their daily needs.  (Ong, 2002) Icons eventually became symbols as rules … Continue reading

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As We May Think

With the end of the war, many scientists were losing their jobs in war-time efforts. As We May Think is a call for the enhancement of knowledge delivery systems, a peace-time ideal; something to enhance humanity as opposed to destroying … Continue reading

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The Great Leaders’ Technophobia

Upon my visit to the Grand People’s Library in Pyongyang, I saw a room with people accessing information for free, in a public place. I was excited. I wanted to use the North Korean Intranet. My handler set out to help … Continue reading

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Selective Living

Technology increases our ability to make connections. We are connected to more people through technology than ever before. We have more control over who we hang out with and escape the confines of the physical world. This isolates us from … Continue reading

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Hall of Records

This is nothing like the image I wanted. The image I wanted had two major parts. A man and a commodity. As it was, that commodity was a record or record store bag containing vinyl records. I am somewhat caught … Continue reading

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