Selective Living

Technology increases our ability to make connections. We are connected to more people through technology than ever before. We have more control over who we hang out with and escape the confines of the physical world. This isolates us from the people around us while plugging in to those far away. We no longer have to deal with the people in front of us because we are connected to whoever we desire through the little white cords coming out of our heads. The ability to focus only on what interests us and ignore those we share physical space with is technology. We control our learning and social circle through technology, isolating ourselves from the real world that surrounds us or the people who share the same interests down the hall as O’Donnell speaks of in the Cambridge Forum webcast.
I have included a link to a song called “Little White Cords.” I believe this song speaks of how technology removes us from the real world. It’s written by Ron House, a 54 year old musician who spends a lot of his time in record stores and performed by his band Psandwich. Not sure if it’s everyones taste so I’ll make you do some work to get there…
I see text as the finished product. Living in China, I have the oportunity to see many things copied and pasted. Fake items are everywhere and it is interesting to see what part of the product has been copied. The technology is not always able to recreate the text with accuracy. One can copy a Calvin Klein shirt but the the technology differed. The designer saw the CK as something to copy hundreds of times in different fonts and glittery materials all over the back, front and sides of the shirt. Or perhaps one could copy and paste Mickey Mouse. It doesn’t look right but much of the essence is there.

Fake Mickey

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