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20 years ago today…

I know we’re wrapping up, but I thought you all might be interested to hear that today marks the 20th anniversary of the first “text” — and what was essentially the start of a New “Word” Order 😉 Check out … Continue reading

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Connections Collage

As I thought of how best to make connections between the wealth of ideas explored in ETEC540, I realized I now had a variety of media to choose from to complete this task, many that were introduced to me through … Continue reading

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Breakout of the Billboards by Sheza Naqi

Breakout of the Billboards by Sheza Naqi Jay David Bolter’s chapter, “The Breakout of the Visual” from his book, Writing Space: Computers, Hyptertext, and the Remediation of Print discusses the idea that today’s late age of print is really a … Continue reading

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Telling Stories in many different web 2.0 languages

Ever since I started my MET, I have had the pleasure of experimenting with a wide range of story-telling web 2.0 tools. I was happy to see that this was one of our Rip.Mix.Feed activity options, as I feel I … Continue reading

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Diversity and Education: The TCF Story

The article, “A Pedagogy of Mutiliteracies: Designing Social Futures” by The New London Group begins with an analysis of the spheres of our working, public and private lives and how these changing realities are redefining the concept of literacy pedagogy. … Continue reading

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The End of an Era: From Silent Film to Talkies

The End of an Era: From Silent Film to Talkies By Sheza Naqi  The transition from silent film to the “talkies” in the mid 1920s transformed the face of the American film industry and of mass entertainment. “Going to the … Continue reading

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The Word of God?

Neil Postman’s chapter on “The Judgment of Thamus” from his book Technopoly was a thought-provoking piece that called into question society’s acceptance of new technologies and their benefits and drawbacks. Specifically, “The Judgment of Thamus” looks at Thamus’ reaction to … Continue reading

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Inventing the Wheel

This cartoon captures Thamus’ judgement quite aptly – it demonstrates the inherent risks of developing new technologies. In keeping with Freud’s commentary on technology quoted from Civilization and Its Discontents from the Postman reading last week, the invention of the … Continue reading

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Text – What it Means to Net-Geners Today

The definition of the word “text” has changed over time, as we came to learn in Module 1. It has several uses as a noun and even some uses cited by the OED as a verb. However, what the OED … Continue reading

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The Trabi

This is a picture of the infamous East German innovation known as the Trabant – affectionately referred to as the Trabi. I chose this image as a representation of one of the themes we have already explored in this course … Continue reading

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