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Berner’s on the Net

Hi all, I thought this might be interesting to share – Sir Tim Berner’s Lee sharing concerns about internet regulations… All the best, Ginelle    

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Connections…and a Boxer

Hi everyone, Last year, our school hosted a speaker, Dr. JoAnn Deak, for professional development. She is an educator and psychologist, and she spoke to our staff about ‘stretching bands’ in students’ minds, and how to do this in a … Continue reading

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Typeface: The new learning assistant?

When beginning this project, I did not fully grasp how something like typeface could incite passionate debate. I had considered font selection as a message carrier, certainly, but I underestimated how important typography is to how information is processed, particularly … Continue reading

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Diigo and brain scanning

Hi all, Here is how I’ve collected resources using Diigo. I like this site a lot so far because of its utility. I can include websites, interactive sites, and I’m sure clips but I have not yet figured out how to … Continue reading

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Ditto Technology: Implications for Learning

Humans as copiers Much can happen at a school copier: plans made, gossip spread, discussions had, meetings set. Photocopiers are unique social junctions within schools, and important academic intersects between teachers and students. At the least, copying technologies offer functional … Continue reading

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A Response to Postman’s Judgement of Thamus

Neil Postman, renowned American media critic and New York University professor, uses his book Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology to caution readers, especially the ‘enthusiastic multitudes’ about the impact technology has on an unsuspecting mind (Postman, 1992, p. … Continue reading

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My view of technology

Hi everyone, I’ve included a picture I took – it’s from Petra, in Jordan. This is the moment before you finish walking through the canyon slit (Siq) and finally gaze on the gates of Petra. I searched the Commons for … Continue reading

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Nietzsche and the writing ball

I would like to reference a short passage from The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr, in reference to how I see text represented. Textual creation is very personal, ever changing, or ‘woven’, and is certainly not beholden to the written word, … Continue reading

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Books: old vs new

Hi everyone, I chose to use a picture of the stack of books beside my bed. I used to read one book at a time, thoroughly, but now I usually have 3-4 on the go. Is that because my reading patterns have simply … Continue reading

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