My view of technology

Hi everyone,
I’ve included a picture I took – it’s from Petra, in Jordan. This is the moment before you finish walking through the canyon slit (Siq) and finally gaze on the gates of Petra. I searched the Commons for awhile, but I kept thinking about this photo. I remember the feeling of ‘what’s around the corner’ and ‘what’s next’, and I feel this constantly with how technology develops. What will be the impact on our physiology…what is around the corner for teaching and learning…how is learning changing in this new technological environment? Even better (unless you’ve been to Petra, I guess) you are left guessing about what you will see when you walk out of this canyon, and I feel that is where we are at as we navigate the maze of our own creations in technology.

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  1. mcquaid says:

    Somewhere in this image are several uses / plays on the movie “127 Hours” and technology.

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