SymbalooEDU to Embed Educational Tools in your Course Website

For the Rip. Mix. Feed. Reloaded. activity I have decided to use, a bookmarks too for educators and students I discovered during the past week or so.

First, I decided to use symbaloo to organize some of the educational technology tools I have learned during this course and other courses.  I tagged them on separate pages, depending on the type of tool (e.g., communication, collaboration, presentation); it ended up giving me a few pages of bookmarked sites which I then published.

I then realized I could only share one page at a time with the group. I wanted to share all of my symbalooEDU pages in our weblog but realized there would be too many. I subsequently started a new page, where I integrated fifty educational technology tools, many of them I am currently using in my practice as an online teacher.  This is the link to my symbalooEDU bookmarks’ page.

In addition, I was pleased that I was able to embed this page in the D2L which I can use to inform my students with the educational tools I would like them to use.  I am planning to make specific pages which can be shared, depending on each course.  I really think that the visual aspect of the page and the disposition of the tiles (colors and size) are going to grab the students’ attention.

I also like the fact that while on the site you are actually in Google and, by typing directly the name of the object you are looking for, it gives the option to similar sites which may be explored.

To sum up, I enjoyed bookmarking with and I recommend it because of the nice visual aspect it adds to the pages.

[iframe src=”” width=”920px” height=”600px”]

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2 Responses to SymbalooEDU to Embed Educational Tools in your Course Website

  1. Sheila says:

    I have used delicious a lot for bookmarking tools and links. I really like the immediate visual aspect of this tool – I had never heard of symbaloo – another great tool to experiment with! Your idea of using this to present different tools for your students to use is great – and very accessible.

  2. Hi Sheila,

    I have also used delicious for bookmarking. I just recently heard about symbaloo and found that it is a very friendly user bookmarking site, nice and visual. It is going to be good to use with my students to share educational technology tools’ sites and others.


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