Delicious Connections

I thought it would be great to connect all the tools and projects from our course into delicious as a resource for fellow students and for the teachers at my school to learn about some of the great Web 2.0 tools and how they can be used.. thanks to everyone. I posted this on the forum but this might be more accessible.

saragaliano’s Delicious

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4 Responses to Delicious Connections

  1. joypenner says:


    Very thoughtful and a lot of work. Thanks. I’ve bookmarked it on Diigo as well for easy access.


  2. Deborah S says:

    Thanks, Sheila. There is lots of great information here.


  3. adammatthews says:

    I just did an internet search for “host quizzes on lore” and my statement is result number four! Hope I got that one right. I’m going to be adding a few new links to lore that you can put up on delicious.
    Learnist – is a great source of information collected and presented by an invite only community of learnists.
    Educreations – turns your iPad into a smartboard/screencast device. Flash movies can be viewed upon any browser supporting flash.
    Creaza – great suite of educational tools. Mindmapping, tooning, filmmaking and audio recording. Pay, though.

  4. Thank you Sheila! It is going to be very resourceful! ;o)


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