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Making Connections

(Avenia, 2012) I, like many of my classmates, find the resources and advice that have been shared throughout ETEC 540 to be of immense value. The conversations through Vista, Wikis, and the Weblog have captivated my attention and taught me … Continue reading

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The History, Present and Future of Educational Technology: Web 2.0 and Beyond

Educational technology is a catchphrase on the tongues of many educators of the digital age. It is a conglomerate term that suggests an updated teaching pedagogy, a transition to a student centered classroom and a combination of tools that are … Continue reading

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Visual to Textual to Visual: Modes of Representation

Tara Avenia Visuals Remediating Text      Bolter (2001) begins the fourth chapter in Writing Space “The Break out of the Visual” with an assertion: “Hypertext” Bolter claims, “seldom exists as pure text without any graphics” (p.47). With this statement … Continue reading

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The History and Future of the Chalkboard

Tara Avenia (Avenia, 2012). [youtube][/youtube] (Avenia, 2012) “Among the Greatest Benefactors of Mankind” A close look into the history of educational technology will reveal that an invention from over two hundred years ago remains arguably the most influential technological innovation … Continue reading

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Critiquing Ong and the Relationship of Literacy to Culture

Walter J. Ong is a renowned scholar, university Professor of English and Humanities in Psychiatry and the author of several highly influential studies on the transformation of human consciousness (Ong, 1982). He is an expert in the field of orality … Continue reading

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Is Technology Making Us Lazy? defines technology as: the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment … [as] the terminology of an art, science, etc. … a technological process, … Continue reading

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Our Incessant Appetite defines text as “the main body of matter in a manuscript, book, newspaper,etc., as … the original words of an author or speaker, [and] as … the actual wording of anything written or printed” (text, n.d.). In searching for … Continue reading

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Wide Eyed and Curious

Hello Classmates! My name is Tara Avenia, and this is my third semester in the MET program. ETEC 540 will be my sixth course and like many of you I am amazed at just how fast this journey has been. I … Continue reading

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