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Greetings colleagues! It’s great to be back at it with all of you. What a week it has been trying to get started up again back at work in a new school, getting my oldest child started in kindergarten and switching my brain back into intellectual mode after a long, hot summer of doing nothing too intellectually stimulating. This and ETEC 540 are my fifth and sixth classes in the MET program and after completing the “readings” and re-writing my first post on the forum at 2am this morning (that’ll teach me to write online and trust the save button–“internal error” oh, no!), I am really excited to be learning with all of you again and think I have a direction that I want to focus on this course. Hence the following image:

PhD wordle

This wordle image contains many keywords that describe my current interests in education. Most notably, I am interested in the sphere of social constructivist learning and how social media affects the construction and how and to what extent it differs from face-to-face social settings. Through this course, I hope to narrow my focus, examine it in more detail and come to some of my own conclusions.

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  1. kstooshnov says:

    Hello Jeremy,

    It is a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for posting the wordle that have all the important concepts studied (and studied again) in these MET courses. You mention two courses this term, but allude to the present “and ETEC 540” which is, of course, this one. 🙂 By the sound of the rest of your post, you are also taking 530? Whichever one the other is, hope it is as enjoyable and multimodal as this course is shaping up to be. Completely understand your trust in a somewhat fickle “save” button, and look forward to more of your posts that appear on this site and the discussion forum.

    All the best,

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