The elephant in the…

Den indiske elefanten Letzie ved Cirkus Berny

To increase reader suspense: first… a bit about myself. I live on PEI (as an island-dweller, I think it’s OK to say on rather than in) with my wife who’s also a teacher, our perfect little 14-month-old boy, Charlie, and a curmudgeon of a cat. I teach junior high students LA, Math, Social Studies, Science, and use a bit of technology along the way. My personal interests include technology, photography, quality beer (I maintain my own site on this topic), trivia, and the outdoors among other things. As an LA teacher, I thought this course would be useful to have in my tool belt.

When I did a search for text / technology, some results were very odd – like this one. This was from, I believe, the public archives of Norway. Perhaps odder is the fact that it spoke to me a little in terms of what it could say about the text / technology connection:

  • change in text / technology is like the elephant in the room (or information highway) that you can’t ignore. It’s here, and is too big to leave the room. Get used to it.
  • old texts / technologies (the elephant) often collide head-on with more modern ones. It doesn’t mean that they have to clash or that one must give way to the other. Maybe they’re pretty equally matched, and, depending on the circumstance, either one could “win”. Just expect them to meet from time to time.
  • elephants are said to have a good memory. Perhaps, if they’re “old” text / technology in this picture, their good memory is due to not having learned to write yet.

I could probably squeeze a few more out, but I like being succinct. Looking forward to going back and reviewing others’ pics, now that my computer isn’t acting as wonky as it had been earlier this week.

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2 Responses to The elephant in the…

  1. inscho says:

    Love the analogies, how fitting!

  2. kstackhouse says:

    PEI! I am in NB! I was there camping on the July 1st weekend. Great to see another Maritimer here. I love the picture you posted. I often think of similar things when I look at old pictures of cities where you can see horses tied up but also cars driving down the street. Nice to meet you.


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