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I've taught a wide variety of subjects at the middle/jr. high level. Most recently, I've specialized in the area of Industrial Technologies (Robotics, CAD/CAM-CNC, Electronics, etc.) I currently reside in Calgary, Alberta.

A Community of Connections

It has taken me some time to write this culminating and concluding weblog post. In our preceding readings we have been exploring how written languages have been in a constant state of change. Developed through our readings with Ong (2002), … Continue reading

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Utilizing Interactive Fiction and Fan Fiction In Creating A Proof Of Concept

This project will suggest instructional possibilities for the changing nature of text. As discussed through our forum conversations, hypertext has played a significant role in evolving print (Bolter, 2011a). Identified by Bolter (2011b), technology and culture has changed the way … Continue reading

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A Web 2.0 Adventure!

In the creation of my Rip, Mix, Feed – Reloaded artifact, I chose the theme of digital storytelling. Although this assignment asks to document the story of how we might incorporate the use of Web 2.0 tools, I felt that … Continue reading

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Bringing School Change Through Technological Determinism

Technological determinism as described by Warschauer, is a phenomena in which “the mere presence of technology leads to familiar and standard applications of that technology, which in turn bring about social change” (2003, p. 44). With this in mind, technology … Continue reading

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A balancing act in the classroom

The microprocessor is the cornerstone for all our technological devices.  Moore, an Intel co-founder once prophesized that, “the number of transistors on a chip will double approximately every two years” (Intel, n.d.). Due to this rapid cycle, our society has … Continue reading

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The changing nature of text.

[youtube][/youtube] The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version) Michael Wesch Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Although this very popular Youtube video is quite literal in defining the changing nature of text, I felt it illustrated some interesting elements from our Papyrus to … Continue reading

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Creating Accessible TEXT

Howdy, Hello, and Ahoy-hoy! My name is Jerry Mah and ETEC 540 will be my seventh course in my journey through MET. I am also taking ETEC 531 (Cultural and New Media Studies) this term. I currently reside in Calgary, … Continue reading

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