A Web 2.0 Adventure!

In the creation of my Rip, Mix, Feed – Reloaded artifact, I chose the theme of digital storytelling. Although this assignment asks to document the story of how we might incorporate the use of Web 2.0 tools, I felt that creating “microcontent” (Alexander & Levine, 2008) was one of the best ways to approach this task. “Microcontent” is what Alexander and Levine refer to as small pieces of content or media, which is easily remixed for use with and on a variety of different Web 2.0 platforms. The second aspect of Web 2.0 technology that the authors suggest is essential is how each of these tools is socially aware. Instead of working discretely and in isolation, content is shared so that others are able to contribute (comments, linking, etc.), combine it with other microcontent, and to share it with others.
I decided to use a variety of different Web 2.0 resources to tell my story. I primarily used three Web 2.0 tools in the creation of this artifact; i) Diigo, ii) Kerpoof, and iii) Youtube. Using my chosen theme, I set out to see how each of the tools could be used to tell stories in a digital manner. With Diigo and Webslides, I quickly saw how social bookmarking could also allow an individual or a group tell a story through bookmarked websites. Kerpoof was an interesting and fun tool, offering a number of interactives that allows users to be creative. Finally, Youtube was the medium that allowed me to host and annotate my video. Inspired by this website: http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2011/06/create-choose-your-own-adventure-videos.html#.UKWvv4c0WSo I set out to capture small snippets of video – showing my experimentation with each of the tools.  This idea of using a “choose your own adventure video” is an interesting way of creating content for students and with students.
By selecting the links that pop up you can see how I experimented with Kerpoof, Diigo, and the exporting of my Diigo-Digital Storytelling bookmarks to a Webslides video (available at http://slides.diigo.com/list/mrmah1234/digitalstorytelling).



Alexander, B., & Levine, A. (2008). Web 2.0 storytelling: Emergence of a new genre. EDUCAUSE review, 43(6), 40–56.

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  1. cmck says:

    Hi Jerry,
    You’ve done some neat stuff there. That wiki that Levine set up is great, isn’t it? The Choose Your Own Adventure aspect of the video is a fun idea too.


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