Expand our Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)

This year, I’m getting the teachers and staff at my school ready for a 1-to-1 implementation next year. Since I cannot provide complete support all of the time, I would like to show them how to set up and make use of PLNs. At the same time, I’m trying to expand my own PLN because I don’t think any of us should feel like we are alone when we have so much support we can turn to.

As well, I was thinking about how after each MET course is over, there are many people with many great ideas who I don’t hear from again.

With these things on my mind, I decided to set up a resource where we could not only share PLNs with each other, but we could also share our own Twitter, Google+, blogs, etc… with each other so that our connections could continue.

For this activity, I’ve set up some some shared Google docs that are open to anyone who has the link. This way, our community can help grow our PLNs together. Google Docs is also easy to use, makes it easy to fix any vandalism, and gives the administrators easy control over privacy settings.

When I began this assignment, I also restarted my own use of Twitter, now that I have a better understanding of it. I’m finding it to be very useful.

Here’s the link to the documents.


Chris McKenzie

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