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Ken’s Connections

Wow, where did this term go?  To begin this post I must say that there are a few things that really impressed me with this course: Quality of the notes and support materials in the modules Selection of readings and … Continue reading

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Popping it with Popplet Part 2

As promised here is the continuation of my Popplet on Web 2.0. The popplet will remain open if anyone would like to join in the future and continue adding resources to this tool. Thank you again to those that were … Continue reading

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The E-Volution of Literacy Pedagogy

Introduction The acquisition of literacy skills has been fundamental for several generations now in order to improve quality of life and work (Cope & Kalantzis, 2009).  The influences of electronic writing, hypertext and hypermedia have contributed to create many new … Continue reading

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Popping Web 2.0 with Popplet

I just wanted to post the work in progress.  So far this popplet is still in its infancy.  Thank you to those that have offered to sign-up.  I am uploading an image of the popplet now as it stands.  As … Continue reading

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Hypertext, a Hostile Takeover?

In his chapter “Hypertext and the Remediation of Print” Bolter (2001) contends that remediation is about redefining cultural perspectives (p.43).  The big question between hypertext and print becomes whether one is more real, authentic, and natural than the other (Bolter, … Continue reading

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The Telephone: Brining Orality Back with Speed & Over Distance

The Telephone: Bringing Orality Back with Speed & Over Distance Having married into a family that started and still owns an independent telephone company in Ontario, The Westport Telephone Company (WTC Communications), the concept of the telephone and its impact … Continue reading

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Is Determinism Too Determined?

Is Determinism Too Determined? Introduction Ong (1982) poses that the technology of writing enables us to reach our full potential, that we can gain a higher consciousness, and to “live and to understand fully, we need proximity but also distance” … Continue reading

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Writing looks different but it still has meaning

When thinking about the word Text and the definitions we have reviewed a few things kept resonating with me. The idea that a text is something that is created and has substance (texture) meant that texts in the past and … Continue reading

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Technology and Me

While the Atari game console is not a definition of technology…it does define my first experience and fascination with technology.  I am amazed to see that they are in stores now and are making a resurgence, kind of like record … Continue reading

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Is it me or does the slate look like an iPad?

Photo by: Brett Jordan taken November 17, 2009 (Attribution license). As I was searching for an image I kept thinking of the old student slates.  I remembered hearing at a presentation that at one time there was controversy over the … Continue reading

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