Ken’s Connections

Wow, where did this term go?  To begin this post I must say that there are a few things that really impressed me with this course:

  • Quality of the notes and support materials in the modules
  • Selection of readings and course texts
  • Feedback, openness and responsiveness of our instructors, Jeff Miller & Teresa Dobson
  • Engaging discourse in forums, weblog and the quality of materials produced by my peers.

As general comments to the course…While many were concerned (myself included) with the three spaces for participating (forums, wiki, weblog) and the large cohort it turned out to be a great experience.  Through reassurance from our instructors and understanding from each other I think that we gained a great deal by having the two groups together.  Once we established a rhythm and became used to navigating the spaces it became apparent that the many voices, ideas, and resources were a great advantage.

While there were many interesting readings and conversations here are a few topics that stood out to me….So, in the spirit of Rip.Mix.Feed here is a short video to show some topics that stood out.  Unfortunately to include all of the great ideas and work done in this course would make the video too long.


The forum postings, wiki, and weblog interconnected to provide a rich experience that rivals any of the MET courses that I have taken thus far (now concluding my MET experience)!  Thank you to my peers and instructors for providing such a detailed and engaging learning experience.


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  1. tavenia says:

    Wonderful idea! And an extra special thanks for highlighting my timeline, glad you like it!


  2. milenab says:

    Nice video Ken!

  3. kymfrancis says:

    Great idea, Ken! Thanks for sharing!

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