Putting it All Together

1. I would love to see a concept map-type cloud of all of the tags we’ve created. The links could show links between the tags, and the nodes could contain links to the posts with those tags. This would be a great way of showing how everything we’ve blogged about is connected. I’ve done some research to see if anything free and easy exists that will do this, but I could find nothing. It would obviously take too much time to do this manually, too.

2. When I read the blogs, I really enjoyed seeing how a lot of people played around with the whole idea of remediation and incorporated it into their posts. There were images, there were videos, and RSS feeds embedded into the blog posts. Not only that, but many posts went outside of the blog to expand the remediation beyond the confines of what any one technology could do, and others connected our posts together.

Chris McKenzie

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  1. tavenia says:

    Nicely done! I just took a trip through memory lane. Great post.

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