Is it me or does the slate look like an iPad?


Photo by: Brett Jordan taken November 17, 2009 (Attribution license).

As I was searching for an image I kept thinking of the old student slates.  I remembered hearing at a presentation that at one time there was controversy over the idea of schools purchasing pencils and paper for students!  This led me to thinking of today’s debate over schools trying to fund the use of iPads in the classroom.  Then I noticed that the iPad on my coffee table looks similar to the slate in this image (it even looks like it has a camera port).  Was this a purposeful similarity on Apple’s part?  This is something I may have to look into.

I am an English, Journalism, and Media Studies teacher at Hampton High School.  I have been teaching since 2003.  I am currently taking my final three courses in the MET program.  It has been an exciting and eye opening experience.  I have greatly enjoyed the collaboration and discourse with others that takes place in the courses.

I have a lovely wife and two wonderful children.  We enjoy time with friends and family.  I still play basketball and now get to cheer for my kids as they have taken up the sport.

Have a great term!





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