Writing looks different but it still has meaning

When thinking about the word Text and the definitions we have reviewed a few things kept resonating with me. The idea that a text is something that is created and has substance (texture) meant that texts in the past and today might look different but they still hold the same importance.  Then I stumbled on the video below.  It displays various texts forms and the narrative shares parts of different stories (from that publisher, Hachette) to illustrate that we still receive meaning from the stories regardless if it is on a scroll, a book, or a screen.  Wow!



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3 Responses to Writing looks different but it still has meaning

  1. cmck says:

    Hi Ken,
    That’s a great video. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Sarah Richer says:


    I agree with that thought and also believe that no matter how a text may appear, it all works toward the same purpose, to give a message. Great video, thanks for the post!

  3. Hi Ken,
    You posted your thoughts and this video shortly after the term began, and I am revisiting it now as I’m drawing connections between all the things we’ve considered since that time. The narrator speaks about how populations evolve through “natural selection” and I’m wondering how this applies to text and technological innovation. Do you think as we head towards Global English and a connected multicultural world, that the forms of textual representation will continue to evolve, or converge? Tablets, to scrolls, to codex to computer, and what next? Text being saved “in the cloud,” being beamed out into the void, who will collect it and how will that happen? I’m afraid that there are no good answers to any of these, at the moment – the questions brought up by ETEC540 are so many and the future remains unclear….

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