Technology and Me

Photo by Chris Johnson, 2001-11-02, retrieved September 11, 2012 from

While the Atari game console is not a definition of technology…it does define my first experience and fascination with technology.  I am amazed to see that they are in stores now and are making a resurgence, kind of like record players are also showing up in stores again.

Technology is a term that can have a wide range of meanings.  It can deal with the creation and use of tools to accomplish a task or solve a problem.  It can influence how we behave and interact with others and our environment.  Wikipedia offers a more exhaustive definition for technology.  There it begins the list of technology with the first use of tools by humans, then fire, clothing and so on.

Today we are so enamored with technology that we take it for granted…just wait until your car breaks down, the power goes out, or your water pump stops working.  When these events happen we begin to understand how much we rely on technology.

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