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Digital Literacy and Digital Natives

In our current information age, the sheer amount of data presented to viewers in digital space is simply overwhelming. Although digital natives successfully integrate themselves with new technologies, digital immigrants must continue to adapt to a new environment of literacy. … Continue reading

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Answer Garden

I made up this question on Answer Garden. As students type in their response, they show up on the screen. Same responses become bigger and less frequent responses become smaller. You can get students to be on their Macbooks/PCs at … Continue reading

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Electronic writing

The text processor transforms in how we think of writing. Helm (1987) contends that through electronic text, language can be edited, stored, manipulated, and rearranged in ways that make typewriters obsolete (pp. 1-2). The mechanization of the word, popularized by … Continue reading

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The Invention of the Telegraph

Introduction Writing is a technology. Although Plato feared that the emerging technology of writing would one day undermine oral literacy, he was correct in that writing alters the meaning of literacy, and it also greatly enhances and expands our ability … Continue reading

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Commentary #1: Digitalization of everything

The road to digitalization As humans, adaptation has been a key part in ensuring the survival of our species. Over centuries, our ability to meet our basic necessities, such as hunting animals with spears and creating fire to cook, has … Continue reading

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Understanding text and its depreciation

Text surrounds us, in many different forms and spaces. I would argue that text, as part of our language, has become the victim of improper usage and depreciated in value over the years of its transformation. Once an elegant delivery … Continue reading

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Technology – Perpetual Change

In our readings, O’Donnell and Engell stresses that we should use technology as a learning tool. When I think of technology, it centralizes on the idea of “Control”. Who is controlling who? Are we that reliant on technology that it … Continue reading

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Fascination with technology

Hi! My name is Rocky Lam. I am currently working at an international school in Hong Kong, teaching Year 2, or Grade 1. (We run a British adapted curriculum, but I am certified in Alberta and Ontario.) This will be … Continue reading

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