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The Influence of Information Communication Technology and Multiliteracies on the Evolution of the Library

Author’s Note: When I first started this project I was planning on doing an infographic.  I figured it would be the best medium to convey the infiltration of the visual on literacy.    However, it turns out my academic tendencies … Continue reading

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My Collection of Resources: and Diigo

One of my current responsibilities in my job is to chair and write for our Learning Connections Blog.  Since one of our options for the Rip.Mix.Feed is to post a collection of resources, such as a blog, I thought it … Continue reading

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The Origins of Silent Reading and its Impact on Education

It is hard to think of a world where silent reading did not exist, at least in a westernized world.  To the literate person silent reading happens naturally; however, there was time when reading was only done orally.  Silent reading … Continue reading

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Can Technology Have Ideologies?

In the introduction to his book Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, Neil Postman (1992) argues, “New technologies alter the structure of our interest: the things we think about.   They alter the character of our symbols: the things we … Continue reading

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Technology and Truth

“It is not always clear, at least in the early stages of a technology’s intrusion into a culture, who will gain most by it and who will lose most…new technologies change what we mean by “knowing” and “truth”; they alter … Continue reading

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Text and Mashups

“’Text’, from a root meaning ‘to weave’, is, in absolute terms, more compatible etymologically with oral utterance than is ‘literature’, which refers to letters entymologically/(literae) of the alphabet. Oral discourse has commonly been thought of even in oral milieus as … Continue reading

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Math is a Language

I chose this picture thanks to a friend of mine, who is a math teacher. You see, I’m an English teacher and like most who are inclined towards the humanities I hated math. Then, one day I participated in a … Continue reading

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