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Final Project: Hypertext and Spatial Processing

Abstract: Hypertext allows readers to interact with text in a non-linear fashion.  This interaction requires additional skills for success beyond those required for linear print text, including visual-spatial skills to track link structures and maintain orientation within the hypertext document.  … Continue reading

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Braille: Moving the Blind Community from Oral to Literate

Pre-Braille Environment The 1800’s were a time characterized by rapid industrialization and growth started by the Industrial Revolution. The social changes during this time were various and widespread, influencing aspects of life including art, religion and politics. The changes were … Continue reading

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Literate Bias in a Literate Society

In “Biases of the Ear and Eye”, Chandler outlines some possible problems involved in “Great Divide” theories which create dichotomies based on orality and literacy. In particular he points to the exaggeration of differences found in oral and literate cultures … Continue reading

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John Lee – Feeling Like Charlie

I enjoyed Flowers for Algernon earlier in life, but have found new connections as I grow older, especially as I feel my mental abilities fading. I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old and have just regained … Continue reading

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