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2 Responses to DREAM BIG

  1. Sheila says:

    Prezi is one of those tools I have seen so many times and never used. I loved your travel pics and experiences – I will experiment with this and I still think it is a great tool for students for just about anything!

  2. sheza says:

    Hi Sarah!

    I really liked the Prezi you have created about your journey abroad! I shared a similar piece for our Rip.Mix.Feed assignment using PhotoPeach – mine was called “Going Places” and on the same topic as yours – following a dream, and letting it take you where it may. I also moved across the world to teach – first living and working in Germany, then Turkey and finally the UK. I can relate to your experiences of wandering into the unknown with nothing but your passion to guide you!

    Using the Prezi template you did fits really well with your topic choice – the footsteps work very well here. I have designed a few Prezis myself and love the possibilities that the software opens up in terms of integrating the text with the visual. The visual is of course the most dominant in a Prezi and it offers a reverse ekphrasis. I have shared my Prezi on my journey of learning through the MET course in my Rip.Mix.Feed post and took quite a different approach than yours even though both Prezis are on the topic of the journey. That’s the great thing about the visual though – the same idea can take so many different shapes; something that is not necessarily the case with text – there are only so many meanings that we can apply to the word “journey” when we think of what it means, however, our two Prezis are examples of how the same word can come to hold two distict meanings. Check out my Prezi if you get a chance! It is available on our blog at: https://blogs.ubc.ca/etec540sept12/2012/11/19/telling-stories-in-many-different-web-2-0-languages/


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