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The best part about this course is the learning and sharing with classmates on their experiences and knowledge. I remember one story a classmate shared about a friend who is afraid her culture is disappearing and is actively trying to … Continue reading

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I decided to explore for bookmarking links. I’ve used it in the past to find recommendations for good websites for teaching resources but never took the time to create my own. I like how this tool connects a community … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 and Multiliteracies

The types of jobs and the skills required for them are changing today. It would be logical then for educational practices to reflect that. In this commentary I will examine The New London Group’s (1996) article on multiliteracies and how … Continue reading

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In response to Bolter’s Writing space (chapters 1-3)

Bolter (2001) introduces his book “Writing space: computers, hypertext, and the remediation of print” by describing our current time as the late age of print. He analyzes the history of writing leading up to today. Bolter also discusses writing as … Continue reading

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Oracle Bones and the Development of Writing in China

Introduction The development of written Chinese has a long history but remains the only ancient writing systems that have never been converted into an alphabetic system (Hessler, 2004). To this day it remains a logographic system, where each word unit … Continue reading

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Orality – past and present

Initially being introduced to the topic of orality and literacy, the link between the two seems necessary and dependent upon each other. Orality has existed for a much longer period than literacy. But the eventual introduction of written text seems … Continue reading

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Remixing Text

After looking for the definition of text through several sources, a couple of words reappears. In Merriam-Webster it’s “the original words”. In Oxford English dictionary it’s “written or printed”. I began to think if there’s anything I would add to … Continue reading

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Cecilia Sun – Outdated textbooks

The start of a new school year and the debate over the textbook situation continues. Do we buy e-books? Where will we find the money to replace old and outdated books? Textbooks are given much value in the classroom. It … Continue reading

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