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Multiliteracies: More easily said than done

I was unable to develop the topic I chose for Commentary 1 on the Deaf community in Mexico due to lack of time for furthering my research. I hope to do so in the future. Instead, I decided to link … Continue reading

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My Story

I decided to make a ‘Glogster’ about my MET Journey. It was a bit frustrating because it kept freezing and logging me out. However, looking over old assignments helped to reflect on my learning process. My story is at … Continue reading

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Photography: Impact and Change

I chose to present my assignment in the format attached, in an attempt to simulate a hypertext. I would have loved to use a Mind Map, but struggled to find free software that would suffice. You can either read the … Continue reading

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Oral cultures and writing: Where does Deaf culture fit in?

Walter Ong’s (1982) ideas on oral cultures and writing are not altogether correct in that they exclude Deaf cultures and their communities. This fault lies in his narrowed view that not “only communication, but thought itself relates in an altogether … Continue reading

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Language as technology [I posted this last week, but forgot to categorize it, sorry about that.] I chose this picture of Orson Welles the night he performed “The War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells, on October 30th, 1938 in the United … Continue reading

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Text beyond words I chose a calligramme by the poet Gillaume Appolinaire, because he took printed text to new heights. Appolinaire felt poetry was not exploiting shape and sound. Poetry could be a visual and aural experience. He invented the calligramme, a … Continue reading

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What is a text?

I chose this picture because when answering the questions from the course ‘What is a text?’ and ‘What is technology?’, I wrote in my notes that normally we tend to perceive a text as being an organized group of letters … Continue reading

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