Text beyond words


I chose a calligramme by the poet Gillaume Appolinaire, because he took printed text to new heights. Appolinaire felt poetry was not exploiting shape and sound. Poetry could be a visual and aural experience. He invented the calligramme, a visual/spatial poem that represented the object, concept or thought being represented. The aural aspect was achieved through alliteration, rhythm, etc. You can listen to Appolinaire here watch?v=oShj49SVUN0
In this sense his texts became objects, sounds, images and even acquired texture; a text as we have defined within this course. His work influenced what is known as ‘Concrete Poetry’, and he also played an important role in several important artistic movements: Surrealism, Futurism, Dadaism and Cubism. It was a time of major technological change which in turn led to artist finding new ways to communicate, portray reality, use language and more.

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