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I decided to make a ‘Glogster’ about my MET Journey. It was a bit frustrating because it kept freezing and logging me out. However, looking over old assignments helped to reflect on my learning process. My story is at

I can see how Glogster could be useful for: debates, brainstorms, teaching literature, collaborative writing and much more. I liked the fact you can embed videos, images and sound. It’s a great to tell a story that goes beyond the simple written text.

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3 Responses to My Story

  1. Deborah S says:

    I thought you used the tool well to tell your story! I haven’t had an opportunity to use Glogster yet, but seeing what you were able to create has me thinking I need to do some exploring when I have more time.


  2. Hi Adriana!
    Great Glog! I used Glogger for this activity too, I was down in Vancouver at the time of creation (land of Fast Internet) and I had no problem with it…. since returning to Haida Gwaii, I can hardly get the main page to load much less the creator! It must just be a resource-heavy site.

    I loved seeing the juxtaposition between your 2010 and 2012 webs!

  3. troos says:


    Interesting glog on your experiences. I chose to use glogster as well to remix a story I made for 565A. I also found that glogs could have a variety of potentials in education. As a presentation tool, it allows a non-linear experience in that the students can access the information through any of the images/objects presented. Overall, I found it to be easy to use.


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