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The course has offered some great learning experiences working with WebCT, as well as, the Weblog and Wiki. Completing the activities where we had to contribute to the Wiki was something that was consistent throughout the course. It directly related … Continue reading

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Embrace the Change

Michael Wesch (2008) sheds light on the reality of students and classes in the post-secondary setting in “A Vision of Students Today”. After having selected a portion of the students he taught, Wesch (2008) asked them to share their thoughts … Continue reading

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Storytelling through KerPoof

After looking through some story activity links, I fell upon Kerpoof. Looking to increase my list of creative websites, since I’m teaching art this year, this website makes the cut. It has some great features. The interface is clear and … Continue reading

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Word Processors and Hypertext

To write – letter by letter, word by word, meaning expands as words are threaded together. These words are threaded into an ensemble of phrases, sentences, and paragraphs, which culminates into a piece of literary art. Writing can have many … Continue reading

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Orality and Literacy

Chandler (1994) brings forth a quintessential spark that lies between orality and literature, or as otherwise indicated the ear and the eye. Theorists who believe that there are substantial differences between a society that is non-literate and one that is … Continue reading

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Text – A lifeline

Text is a critical part of our culture that we overlook on a daily basis. I never stopped to really think about how much we rely on text. Text has meaning whether it be in books, signs, text messages, emails, … Continue reading

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All encompassing, I believe

Words : a Poem David A. Reinstein, LCSW Words to express and Words to conceal. To create a dream Or describe the real. Words to engage and Words to reject. To be in agreement Or to curtly correct. Words to … Continue reading

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A whole new language…

Remember When A Poem About Technology A computer was something on TV From a sci fi show of note. A window was something you hated to clean And ram was the cousin of goat. Meg was the name of my … Continue reading

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My Name is Milena, and this is my 5th MET course. I am also taking ETEC 565 this term. I live in Montreal, Quebec, and I’m an elementary school teacher. This year I’m teaching Art to grades 1 through 6. … Continue reading

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