Text – A lifeline

Text is a critical part of our culture that we overlook on a daily basis. I never stopped to really think about how much we rely on text. Text has meaning whether it be in books, signs, text messages, emails, etc. So in our society it would be impossible to imagine our life without text, we’d be lost, disconnected. People are addicted to text messaging, a way to formulate their thoughts and share them with some else. There seems to be not enough time, people are texting while driving, (very dangerous!) but as I sit in my car at a red light and observe the drivers around me, it does not fail, there is always at least one (and most times it’s more) drivers texting, we need to get our thought out, it is at our fingertips, the minute we think of something is the moment it must get out (through text) to others whether it is through text-messaging or through social media (twitter, FB, etc.). Phone calls… are a thing of the past, especially with the youth of today, why call, when you can text? The other day to my amazement, (I had never seen this before, and it kind of shocked me I have to say!), a driver had their Ipad out while at a red light and began to read. I first thought, “I have to share this with ETEC 540”. What would happen without text, whether it is we that are writing it to get our thoughts across, or reading it to acquire? Would we all just be ripping at the seems ready to explode?


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  1. learle says:

    Your comment about why call when you can text reminded me of a scene in 21 Jump Street when Doug calls Molly and she’s completely shocked by the fact that he called and didn’t text her… and that was only 7 years difference from when he went to high school.

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