Evolution of text, technology, and us

During the readings and posts this past week, I was reminded of a great video from several years ago by Pearl Jam, called “Do the Evolution”. The video is a great animated history of the world and society, and is pretty pessimistic and grim. It crams a ton into a few minutes.  In particular, the image that came back to me was workers sectioned and separated off from one another (like Ong said writing / text separates), with the devices internally attached. It’s worth a watch.



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3 Responses to Evolution of text, technology, and us

  1. learle says:

    That was quite the intense music video. Interesting how it shows the different ways in which evolution has taken place.

  2. kstackhouse says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I had totally forgotten about this video. You make a great connection to Ong’s (1982) work regarding how writing can separate us. Does that still hold as much today with technology though? We are being brought together as a class through this blog and Vista…all of using the written word (supplemented with images and videos). Interesting…

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