All encompassing, I believe

Words : a Poem
David A. Reinstein, LCSW

Words to express and
Words to conceal.
To create a dream
Or describe the real.
Words to engage and
Words to reject.
To be in agreement
Or to curtly correct.
Words to make love and
Words to make war.
To hide what we know
Or share what we saw.
Words meant to sooth and
Words meant to fight.
To darken a day
Or lighten a night.

They’ve no life of their own
Or are worth e’en a cent,
But that which we give them
With certain intent.
To use them with care
With our own inner light
Whenever we use them
To speak or to write
Is a goal for all people,
But one hard to achieve-
When internal impulses
Appear on our sleeve.

Words are forever and
Words can be lost.
They seem to be free
But can carry a cost.
Knowing and caring
Are two different things-
As is being aware of
What words can bring.

Words can sing and
Words can cry-
To express our deep feelings
Or reject and deny.
How we use them
Defines our own way
To all those who read
Or hear what we say.

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1 Response to All encompassing, I believe

  1. joypenner says:

    Love this! I would argue though with the author that words do have a life of their own. I can say something with one intent, but the receiver may give it another intent depending on their relationship with me, or how they might be feeling in a certain situation.


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