The future of tech.

Finding an image to reflect what I’m currently thinking about technology has been particularly difficult, but I was pleased to be able to find the following. I am mulling over a more abstract construct of technology, where we consider technology not in the physical sense, but as a process of thought or action. These processes evolve too, as we find different and often better ways to do the tasks we do. I chose this image an analogy of how these processes change and evolve as we long for the promise of something better. Though the future is hazy and uncertain with unforeseen challenges, we continue to march forward.


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3 Responses to The future of tech.

  1. deannas says:

    Wow…I like your thought process.

  2. mcquaid says:

    I see a little something in this image as well… in that we may see or feel similar things while using different programs or methods (perhaps I’m talking universal software buttons or borrowed technological ideas). When I looked at your image, I thought, “I was there!” Then I wasn’t sure. So, I looked it up on Flickr, and it’s not where I thought it might be… I thought it might be here:

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