019-Dedicatoria al Papa-Evangeliar  Codex Aureus - BSB Clm 14000-© Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

Hello. My name is Chris McKenzie, and this is my eighth MET course. I teach English to high school students at an all girls’ private school in Vancouver. This year, I’m also beginning my new role as the Coordinator of IT Integration, so it’s my job to help the teachers continue how to learn how to use IT to advance their pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning, and (among many other things) to help coordinate the roll out of our 1 to 1 program next year. I love teaching English, but I’m also excited about my new roll as well.

I have a wide range of interests such as hiking, reading, geocaching, and cooking. I chose the above image because I like how decorative writing used to be: how it fused visual art and text together.

I’ve been looking forward to taking this course, and it looks like I won’t be at all disappointed because I find this type of material to be fascinating.

As a final note, I found it difficult not to write a comma after “Hello” and then continue on a new line. I was thinking about how even in this new medium, I’m still clinging on to old conventions. I’m going to try my hardest not to provide a salutation and my name at the bottom of this post.

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  1. tavenia says:

    Glad to be in another course with you Chris, and I suspect you are working at the same school as my husband, Patrick Macmaster.

    Enjoy your new role, and don’t hesitate to give me a ring if you need a TOC 😉 Tara

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