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Good Evening Everyone,

My name is Joy Penner and I am taking my fifth and sixth MET course. I’ve just returned from five years of teaching grade three in Beijing. I now have the luxury of focusing on finishing my degree this year and will also do some substituting. Initially I was interested in this program so I could upgrade both my skills and thinking about technology in order to help our small school grow in this area. As I have now moved back to Vancouver, I still have the same goal in terms of growing in my thinking, planning, and use of technology for teaching, but I have broadened my focus to include post-secondary, online education. I have the opportunity to help set up an online program for students living in China and am planning on gleaning as much as I can in the program to help me think through this venture. I have learned much already just by being a student in an online environment and look forward to gaining some more theoretical and technical expertise.

I chose this picture because in some ways it sums up my relationship with technology. I am definitely nowhere near the age of the person in the picture, however I did not grow up with computers, or even a type writer for that matter. I taught myself to type after high school and have continued to learn as new technology has developed. I enjoy exploring all kinds of technology and love the way it can be used to spark interest in learning for my students.

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