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Digital Immigrant Instructors: Not Obsolete Just Yet

Introduction As early as 1962, Englebart (1963) pondered how learning (and by implication, education) might change if knowledge could be easily accessed and associative learning made possible. Though these concepts are now ubiquitous we continue to consider the same issue … Continue reading

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Diigo: Sharing Wisdom From the Cloud

For this assignment I chose to use Diigo.  It is a social bookmarking site which also offers the ability to present your collection of bookmarks into a slide show.  I have been collecting elementary-focused blog sites for some time now … Continue reading

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Hypertext: The Drive for Immediacy

Introduction In Chapter 3 of Writing space: Computers, Hypertext and the Remediation of Print, Bolter (2001) states that, “Hypertext, in all its electronic forms…is the remediation of print” (p. 42).  In fact, he contends that hypertext is a distinct genre … Continue reading

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The printing press and religion: A study in reciprocity

Introduction Impelled by “social, economic and political demands” (Feather, 1986, p. 16), Johannes Gutenburg adapted existing technology (Jennett, 1958) to invent the moveable type printing press, transforming the way books were produced. By the beginning of the sixteenth century, printing … Continue reading

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Great Divide or Gentle Drift?

Great Divide or Gentle Drift? In his work Orality and Literacy, Ong (2002) suggests a number of distinctive characteristics that define ways of thinking for both oral and literate cultures. He uses these contrasting aspects to prove his bold theory … Continue reading

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Neutral, it is not

Everywhere we remain unfree and chained to technology, whether we passionately affirm or deny it. But we are delivered over to it in the worst possible way when we regard it as something neutral; for this conception of it, to … Continue reading

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I chose this image of Greek text from Amheida, Egypt, to represent the erosion of text as written authority. As a child I grew up with the concept that if something was in print, it was authoritative and couldn’t be … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the new

Good Evening Everyone, My name is Joy Penner and I am taking my fifth and sixth MET course. I’ve just returned from five years of teaching grade three in Beijing. I now have the luxury of focusing on finishing my … Continue reading

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