“Print is dead.”

Harold Ramis (as Egon Spengler).
“Print is dead.”  Dr. Egon Spengler, GhostBuster.

Why did I choose this image, of all possible images in the world?  Dr. Egon Spengler was always my favorite GhostBuster and for reasons beyond my understanding, this quote has always stuck with me.  “Print is dead.”  I was never too voracious a reader, and so perhaps I’ve used this as justification for my lack trips to the library.  I’ve always taken to the visual arts more than the literary.  Sure, I enjoy a good story, but I prefer to watch it unfold on a screen than to wade through it in a book.  I read when I must or am adequately motivated, which, to give credit to UBC, is becoming a more regular event.  (Of course, mathmatically, once is infinitely more than zero…)

…of course, I could have also chosen this image for the joy and satisfaction of posting something as irreverent as a “GhostBuster” in a Master’s Degree class – and staying somehow on topic to boot!

I’m Eric.  I’ve been teaching for a decade now.  I teach a Grade Four/Five split class in a French Immersion school, and miss my old job teaching the Third Grade already.  I live in a little town in Northern BC called Terrace.  Think Switzerland on the cheap: same great views, half the price to live.  I’m happily married and my wife and I have recently been blessed with the arrival of our first child.  I haven’t slept in seven months.  This is my sixth course in the MET program and, three days in, I’m somehow already feeling behind.

‘Looking forward to getting to know everyone, share some ideas, and debate points with everybody.


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  1. mcquaid says:

    Hi, Eric.
    As a fellow Ghostbusters fan, your image spoke to me. I also understand your lack of sleep, as we have a 14-month-old boy. Been there, done that, and still doing it many nights. Also, your mention of Terrace – my brother and his Mrs. were out that way for a few years a couple of years ago. She was teaching in Kitimat. Small world, eh?

    To disagree with Egon, I don’t think print’s dead. I just think it’s underappreciated or undervalued. Tossed to the side for the newest stuff.

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