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Hypertext in the Elementary School Classroom

During the course of my day as an elementary school teacher I’ve grown accustomed to many forms of “hyper”: most notably hyper-activity and hyper-sensitivity.  Hypertext, however, is not as readily apparent in my daily routine.  As Alexander (2008) professes, ”K-12 … Continue reading

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Yes, that’s me in a tuxedo.

It’s a little old, I made it a summer or two ago, but thought it might play well here. I submitted this video to the BCTF last year during the BC Teacher/Government standoff stuff as part of a competition and … Continue reading

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over Function. At the start of the fourth chapter of his book Writing Space, Bolter (2011) points out the obvious when he writes that “we are living in a visual culture” (p.47).  “Photoshop”, the name given to an image manipulation … Continue reading

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Print is Dead?

Prologue Growing up in the suburbs of Montréal I was gainfully employed as a morning newspaper delivery-boy by the Montreal Gazette.  The hours were contemptible but the money more than made up for it – especially during the holiday season.  … Continue reading

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The Power of Powerful Words

            Sunday after Sunday I sit in my pew and listen, sometimes distantly, as the priest pronounces great truths and wisdom from the pulpit.  Nobody else speaks; nobody questions what is said; nobody challenges the … Continue reading

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My Precious

I’m a techie.  There: I said it.  I love my gadgets and have admittedly been caught shedding tears over the perceived brilliance of some pieces of software.  I own, or have owned dozens upon dozens of “quality Apple products”, dating … Continue reading

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“Print is dead.”

“Print is dead.”  Dr. Egon Spengler, GhostBuster. Why did I choose this image, of all possible images in the world?  Dr. Egon Spengler was always my favorite GhostBuster and for reasons beyond my understanding, this quote has always stuck with … Continue reading

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