Yes, that’s me in a tuxedo.

It’s a little old, I made it a summer or two ago, but thought it might play well here.

I submitted this video to the BCTF last year during the BC Teacher/Government standoff stuff as part of a competition and it’s made the rounds of my local school district as well.

I’m quite proud of the video and have had several positive comments about it. Recently, I posted it to our classroom blog in an attempt to let parents in on “who I am” or at least, “how I teach”.

Anyways, here’s the video.

I can’t describe how much fun it was to make. I’m sure I’d change a thousand things with it given the chance, but it certainly rekindled my interest in film and editing.


– Eric.

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  1. Hello Eric,

    I loved watching your video. Your voiceover was just perfect in tone, cantor, and all those other things that make audio intriguing to listen to. The photos you chose were also great! I’m glad you received positive feedback in your professional circle, it was well deserved, and thank you for sharing it with us too 🙂

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