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Web 2.0 Storytelling – Scaffolding a New World

As digital natives, today’s typical students are quite familiar with utilising the internet to connect with others. Mobile applications allow users to upload content at a moment’s notice, affording real time sharing. Amateur bloggers, photographers, artists and authors are beginning … Continue reading

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Tumblring through my overseas adventure

When I was desperately trying to figure out what to work up for the Rip.Mix.Feed. project, it hit me that I was already working on telling a story through various web tools. As some of you know, the hard drive … Continue reading

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Remediation: Making Artists of Us All?

The Writing Space In theory, the writing space is an abstract concept which starts with the inner workings of a creator’s mind, is followed by the act of expressing those thoughts onto a material to be viewed by others, and … Continue reading

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Hornbooks: Most Popular iPad App of the 15th Century

Origins The hornbook often presented English children, and subsequently Colonial American children, with their first encounter with letters and words. Because parchment was a scarce material, and thus expensive, the origins of reading and literacy (the alphabet) was printed upon … Continue reading

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Is The Virtual Library Doomed?

All Knowledge in One Place The desire to catalogue, reference, and house society’s vast collective of knowledge dates back to as early as the third millennium B.C. From ancient scrolls confiscated, copied and kept in the collections of the Library … Continue reading

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Jennifer Schubert – Developing Relationships Through Varied Text

Hello there fellow METers! My name is Jen; I’m a crazy American who is currently in London attempting to find a home to stay in for this term. (Hence my delay in posting… I left the morning this class opened … Continue reading

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