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Digital Literacy: The Need to Prepare Students for the 21st Century Workplace

Dobson & Willinsky (2009) noted that the “digital aspect of literacy, invisible to the naked eye, is the very current that drives the global information economy” (p. 1).  The need for a digitally literate population is critical if Canada is … Continue reading

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Using Xtranormal as an Introductory Tool

I created this video in Xtranormal last summer as a fun way to introduce accounting to my grade 11 students on the first day of the semester.  It provides students with an overview of accounting and is a great way … Continue reading

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Gliffy vs. Cmap

For this exercise, I updated a flowchart that I had originally created using Cmap for an MET course I completed this past summer.  Please click here to view my flowchart. I have created flowcharts in the past using Visio, Vue … Continue reading

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Feasibility of E-textbooks

Kress (2005) noted that “the once dominant paper-based media – the newspaper and the book above all – are giving way to the screen” (p. 17).  This phenomenon has made its way into the classroom as educators must choose between … Continue reading

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The Invention of the Telegraph

Please visit my blog on the Invention of the Telegraph to learn more about the history of the telegraph, as well as its implications for business. Deborah

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The Internet: Burden or Blessing?

Postman (1992) suggested that technology is both a burden and a blessing. The Internet is a prime example of a technology that has benefits and drawbacks. While the Internet has vast amounts of information on any given topic, access is … Continue reading

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The World of Technology

As I mentioned in my text post, I am interested in etymology and have incorporated the Greek origin of the word technology into my Wordle (much to the delight of my daughter who is majoring in Classical Studies).  My Wordle … Continue reading

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What Text Means to Me

I am very interested in etymology and have incorporated the origin of the word text from its French and Latin roots. I chose to represent text as a Wordle using keywords obtained from a number of different sources. My description … Continue reading

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A Journey

Hi, My name is Deborah Schell and this is my 9th MET course. This is my fifth year of teaching and I’m currently the Program Head of Business and Co-op at a Catholic high school in southwestern Ontario. Prior to … Continue reading

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