Evolution of Print

Writing nowadays

Hello Everyone,

My name is Deanna Stefanyshyn and this will be my sixth MET course. Last term I took 3 courses so I am welcoming the break from trying to juggle the load. I am currently a teacher in the Vancouver School District in a new role as the computer prep teacher 3 days a week and grade 6/7 the other 2 days. This is my first time having a role with computers so I am excited to be able to apply some of the things I have learned in the MET program.

When I am not teaching or working on MET courses I spend most of my time trying to keep up with my 4 year old daughter. Among other hobbies I also enjoy running and completed my first (hopefully of many) marathon last year.

I chose this picture because I am finding it fascinating the difference in the ability for my parents to use computers vs. my 4 year old daughter. Often we are so ingrained in how to do something that it takes a lot for us to think outside the box. I am really excited to explore the history of writing and how it has evolved into what we are currently experiencing today.

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