Evolution of “Text”

I chose this image of the evolution of text because at the beginning of this module, all I could think about when I heard or read the word, “text” was the image of texting on a phone. I am a frequent texter, emailer, and tweeter and I am realizing that these daily forms of communication are shaping my life in some form or another. Technology has advanced our communication and perhaps increased the frequency, but I’m not sure it has made it more meaningful.

My initial thoughts about this course thus far are that we will be looking into the history of text and technology. With a Biology background, I have been turning to the theory of evolution as I make sense of the changing text and technology over time. The most efficient and functional form of communication is prevailing through its own form of natural selection.


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  1. mcquaid says:

    I thought the bias in this image was intriguing. The linear path / progress is fine, but note how mass publication is raised higher and dressed better than the rest, and therefore superior. Also, note how modern forms of text are shown to be caveman-esque in intelligence / quality. Interesting!

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