Early Print Culture in South Asia

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Please take a look at my web essay on the Early Print Culture of South Asia at https://sites.google.com/site/awhetteretec340no3/

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2 Responses to Early Print Culture in South Asia

  1. joypenner says:


    I thoroughly enjoyed your paper! You ended with the fact that the printing press did not have the same affect in South Asia as in Europe. In your research (or opinion) is there any connection to the fact that South Asia was not homogenous as Europe (say a country as Germany).


  2. awhetter says:

    Hi Joy, thank you! I didn’t come across anything that said this – what I took away from my readings is that information needs were largely being met by the manuscript and oral information/communication systems already in place (no burgeoning and literate working and middle classes, freed from farm labour). When local presses began to produce printed material in great quantities in the latter 19th c., it was largely oral culture literature…poems, religious stories… that was in demand.

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