Digital Literacy Concept Map – Using Gliffy

For my Rip.Mix.Feed activity, I decided to remix the Digital Literacy Wiki our class developed as a concept map in a Web 2.0 tool called Gliffy.  Here is the concept map in progress.  Although Gliffy allows collaboration, the lack of a discussion tool within the tool hampers the success of this collaboration.  Gliffy does afford the ability to save the diagrams in a variety of formats as well as embed the image in a website or blog as I’ve done here.  There are also private and public settings to control sharing.  Gliffy has many abilities beyond concept mapping that make it a useful Web 2.0 tool.  So far, this has been a collaboration between Teresa D.,  Tim R. and Ken S.  If any others feel they would like to join, please leave your email address under the thread in Vista.  Any additions/comments to what is shown here so far are welcome as this is a work in progress. Here is a link to a larger version. Use this link or click on the image of the concept map below to access the hyperlinked map that makes connections throughout the weblog.

Gliffy Digital Literacy Concept Map

Gliffy Digital Literacy Concept Map

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