Lino for Bookmarks and Resources

Among all of the new Web 2.0 tools that I have browsed this past week, the one that I wanted to experiment with the most was Lino.  (

I have created a few “canvases” with different purposes. My main canvas is for myself to organize ideas, resources, plans, and to-do lists for the courses that I teach and as well as other things in my life. I also created a Chemistry 7 site that I will continue to build. I plan on adding videos, interactivities, notes, pictures, and so on to this site. I will add this webpage to my class site and all of my Science 7 students will be able to explore it as we go through the Chemistry unit.

I love this website as it is easy to use and the sticky notes are really fun. I think my middle school students will appreciate having resources clumped on a bulletin board for a change instead of in a blog format that they are used to.

Here is my main site:

Here is my Chemistry 7 site:

(both a work in progress)




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