For the Rip.Mix.Feed activity, I decided to try something new out.

I have been collecting ideas and articles from the web for the past couple of years. I have them saved in my Delicious, Pinterest, Twitter accounts and in my school Facebook account (I have two accounts with Facebook – one of which I use only with my students to let them know about upcoming events and help keep our school page updated). So, this new app that I have discovered is a place where I am trying to combine many of the pins/posts/tweets/etc. that I have all over the place!

I have since thought of creating a couple other pages within this app for my classes. I would like to use these other bulletin boards as a place for my lesson planning. I have seen sticky note lesson plan concepts on-line before, but using real paper-based sticky notes. I really liked the idea of using linoit as my lesson plan book because it is easy to adjust and move around lessons if need be and of course web-links, pictures, videos, etc. can be posted there. However, I do not yet have this concept started as I am mid semester in all of my courses and prefer to start at the beginning so that things are better organized.

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