Umbrella Farm

You probably noticed already that I tend to blog more frequently when I don’t want to do work. Yes… it’s true…

I felt a bit productive last night, but didn’t want to do the ‘real’ work, so I ended up writing a huge post.

And then I realized that I actually wanted to post a few photos from the conference. The conference I went to last week (ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) was held in Vancouver, at the fabulous Vancouver Convention Centre.

Since it was a conference highly connected to social media, and things online, there was  a lot of comments on twitter amongst the delegates regarding the weather, the venue, and the city. It was quite sunny the first day (Monday), but did eventually rain during the conference, resulting in a thread of posts regarding umbrella uses at the conference. Quite cute I must say.

Here’s one:

@reidpr said: Umbrella farm at #chi2011 has grown substantially.

This is a picture from inside the convention centre by the way, which was a reply to the previous post by someone else:

Anywho, I am really glad that there’s such a great venue in Vancouver. It makes me feel good when welcoming people, and also makes it easy to attend conference because some of them are local. I mean, this is the second conference I’ve been to that was held in Vancouver, and I am glad to have been to both of them (quite easily so, due to the substantially lower cost of travel in attending them). And I don’t really mind the rain as much, because it’s a good conversation starter with people who are new in town, and I’ve grown to enjoy the mugginess in a cheery way…

“I’m singing in the rain~ I’m singing in the rain~ What a glorious feeeeling, I’m haaaapy again!”

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