The Post-Conference Madness

Hey guys….
So… I was at a conference all of last week, and missed the gloomy weather of Vancouver while I was gone. But believe it or not, I actually like Vancouver better than San Francisco, where the conference was held. I didn’t take too many pictures, as I didn’t even bring a camera. But when I got back from the conference, I had to take a picture of my desk, and the mess I had created as my usual post-conference ritual.
What is this ritual? Well, it’s sorting out receipts from the entire week of being gone. Sometimes it feels like going to a conference presses a pause button on your life. But it really doesn’t work that way. While you are gone, you still have to sleep, ride, walk, see and eat. So I had to do all those things too. That also meant that I have receipts from all those activities I did during the conference, which means I must’ve spent money, which means I need to file an reimbursement form to get the money back.
So detailed notes on filling out the form aside, I pretty much ended up with this kind of a desk space in order to tape together and organize the paperwork, that is so necessary for all conference goers.

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