February Instructional Skills Workshop – SPACE AVAILABLE


Hello LFS TAs,

The February Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) still has some space available. Dates are as follows:

Meeting 1: Tuesday, Feb. 1, 4 – 6 PM
Meeting 2: Sunday, Feb. 6, 9 AM – 3 PM
Meeting 3: Thursday, Feb. 10, 9 AM – 5 PM
Meeting 4: Sunday, Feb. 13, 9 AM – 5 PM

This is a really great learning experience to further your skills as a knowledge facilitator!

If you would like more information please visit the ISW website here

If you are interested in attending, please let us know ASAP.


Alysha Deslippe (alyshade@student.ubc.ca)
LFS TA Training Coordinators 

Centre for Teaching and Learning January TA Institute – NEXT WEEK


Hello LFS TAs, 

Hopefully everyone had a chance to enjoy some time away from their studies over the holiday season. The Centre for Teaching and Learning Technologies (CTLT) is holding a series of workshops that may be of interest. You can attend any number of the workshops offered below. If you attend 4 of a particular ‘theme’ and complete the posted pre/post sessions questions, CTLT will provide you with a letter of completion. Information on the themes and pre/post questions can be found here

Offered sessions include: 

Accessibility-Centred Design: Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

January 17, 2022, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Establishing a Positive TA Experience Working with Faculty Members: Do’s and Don’ts

January 18, 2022, 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Race and Classroom Power Dynamics in TA’ing

January 18, 2022, 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Presentation and Lecturing Skills

January 18, 20223:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Checking Our Work: An Introduction to Researching Your Own Teaching

January 19, 2022, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Adapting the Classroom Environment for Flexible Teaching Models: Face-to-Face, Online and Hybrid Learning

January 19, 2022, 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Time Management Skills for Graduate Students and TAs – January 19, 2022

January 19, 2022, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Leading Online Synchronous Discussions… When should I? How should I?

January 20, 2022, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Introduction to TA Training for Classroom Climate and Indigenous Topics

January 20, 2022, 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Welcome to Your Union! Knowing—and USING—Your TA Rights

January 20, 20223:00 pm – 5:00 pm

In a Room or on Zoom: How to Balance Participatory Learning with Didactic Lecturing

January 21, 2022, 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Trauma-Informed Teaching

January 21, 2022, 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Making the Grade: Marking, Feedback and Assessment for Learning

January 21, 2022, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Alysha Deslippe (alyshade@student.ubc.ca)
LFS TA Training Coordinators

Invitation to TA Needs Assessment

Hello LFS TAs,
This is Amelie, one of the LFS TA Coordinators for the 2021-22 academic year (the other being Alysha who sent out the email about ISW seat reservation previously). As we are nearing the end of winter term 1, we would like to invite you to reflect on your experience as a TA and provide feedback to the LFS TA Training Program.
Please let us know your needs as a TA and how this program can support your professional development by completing the anonymous TA Needs Assessment Survey below:
This survey consists of 8 questions, which takes about 10-15 min to complete. The survey is always open, but it would be much appreciated if you could submit your response by Dec 10. Your responses will help us identify potential ways to improve the training program and coordinate future TA orientation and workshops based on your needs and interest. Please stay tuned for more information about the coming events!
If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please do not hesitate to contact me or Alysha.
Best regards,
Alysha Deslippe (alyshade@student.ubc.ca)
LFS TA Training Coordinators

Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) offered by the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technologies (CTLT) – LFS TA reserved seats

Hello LFS TA community,
My name is Alysha and I am one of the two new LFS TA coordinators for this school year. We wanted to share with everyone a really great learning opportunity offered by the The Center for Teaching, Learning and Technologies (CTLT) here at UBC.
CTLT runs a variety of really great workshops available to TAs. In particular, they have a multi-session training program called the ‘Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)’ that is recognized by various other institutions. The ISW walks through some basics in knowledge facilitation in hands on ways (ex. learning how to incorporate experiential learning techniques into teaching practice).
More information about the ISW, including when it’s offered can be found here: https://ctlt.ubc.ca/programs/all-our-programs/instructional-skills-workshops/
If anyone is interested, LFS has committed 6 seats to graduate TAs in the faculty. This means that you would be able to attend the ISW without having to pay the registration fees. Please reply to this email with your name and the course(s) you are currently TAing if you would like of those seats. Once a seat has been assigned, you will be able to pick the dates in consultation with CTLT that best fit your schedule to attend.
If at any point you have questions or recommendations about TA related training or events please don’t hesitate to let myself or Amelie know.
Doctoral Student, Human Nutrition
Master student, Food Science

Exam invigilator Job Description


From: StudentAffairs Exam Coordinator <exam.coordinator@ubc.ca>
Sent: Monday, November 1, 2021 7:20 PM
Subject: Centre for Accessibility – Invigilator job posting help request


Hope you are enjoying autumn. At the Centre for Accessibility UBC we are looking to hire about 80-90 graduate students in our team to work part time as an invigilator. Would it be possible to help circulate this posting to all students in your department?

Interested applicants can apply through Careers Online with their resume and cover letter.

In case, if students are unable to login or use this link they can use the following steps:

Go to https://ubc-csm.symplicity.com/students/app/jobs/detail/4bccd5276de148e1dd8fcf6ac7c98b82  > Click on student/alumni > login using your CWL and password > In the search box type “exam invigilator” > posting should show up.

Please have them apply with a cover letter and resume, clearly indicating your experience and interest for the job

If they have any further questions or concerns, they can contact exam.coordinator@ubc.ca

Thank you, if you have questions or concerns please reach out to us.

Best Regards,
Ron Au-Yang, B.Com
Exam Coordinator | Centre for Accessibility
Pronouns: He/His/His
The University of British Columbia | Vancouver Campus | xʷməθkʷəy̓əm Musqueam Traditional Territory
1203-1874 E. Mall, UBC, | Vancouver British Columbia | V6T 1Z1 Canada


Exam invigilator Job Description
Job ID: 870687

Job Title: Exam Invigilator, Centre for Accessibility
Job Type: Part Time (29 hrs./wk. or less)
Organization Type: UBC Faculty, Department, Unit or Student Group
Hours per Week: 5-29
Field of Work: Education, Training and Teaching
Job Nature: On-Campus (UBC Vancouver) Job
Job Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Job Description
The Centre for Accessibility is seeking UBC graduate students to invigilate exams for students with disabilities. As per UBC Policy #73, invigilators are part and parcel to removing barriers and providing equitable opportunities for students with disabilities writing exams. Invigilators are expected to treat all students and colleagues with fairness, dignity, and respect, while maintaining exam procedures and protocols.
**Preference will be given to Masters and PhD students; however, undergraduate students who are not taking courses with exams are welcome to apply. Please note that you cannot be registered in any course with exams throughout the year **
Duties include: preparing, starting, monitoring, and ending exams for students with disabilities in private spaces or group settings; setting up adaptive and computer equipment for the exams; ensuring examinees adhere to UBC and Centre for Accessibility exam procedures; maintaining good communication with Exam Coordinators and working as part of a team with other invigilators; compiling detailed and accurate records and incident reports. Other assigned tasks by Exam coordinators. Centre for Accessibility invigilators must strictly adhere to the University’s regulations and procedures regarding exams.
These positions are open only to registered UBC students who are not currently taking courses with exams.
Please submit full application:
A strong cover letter
Submission of an unofficial transcript are required.
The cover letter should include your expected graduation date. Students taking courses with exams will not be considered. Successful candidates must be able to demonstrate the following:
*** Must be able to attend training on September 28, 2019 (Saturday)***
* Friendly demeanor and strong interpersonal skills.
* Contributes to a positive, respectful and dynamic team environment.
* Ability to work and remain calm while under stress and pressure.
* Effective written and oral communication. Successful candidates must have the ability to compose detailed reports using clear, concise business English.
* Outstanding attention to detail and ability to accurately follow procedures.
* Ability to exercise tact and discretion when handling sensitive and/or confidential matters.
* Punctuality and reliability essential.
* Ability to follow directions, work independently, and to work within a team environment.
* Flexible schedule and ability to commit an average availability of 12 hours per week.
*Must be available to take shifts between 7:30am and 10:00pm.
* Experience working with persons with disabilities, in education, or in a service- oriented environment is an asset.
Experience Level
Current Students in an Undergraduate Program, Current Students in a Master’s Program, Current Students in a PhD Program

FNH 345 Counselling in Dietetics course – New TA position available


TA Hours: 50 hrs – FNH 345 January to April 2022
Instructor: Sinead Feeney, MSc, RD
Email contact information – sinead.feeney@ubc.ca 

Course overview:

This course will introduce students to counselling in dietetics. The role of privilege, systemic identities, internal and external biases, core beliefs, personal values and expectations will also be considered. Topics will include communication theory, foundational counselling skills, theories of behaviour change, motivational interviewing, goal setting, learning abilities and styles, obstacles to effective communication, Safe and Effective Use of Self (SEUS), multicultural competence, and ethical standards in nutrition counselling.

Work Performed:

Use moderately detailed marking guides to mark class assignments and projects. Submit the verified marks to the instructor using an Excel spreadsheet. Be available for occasional office hours at particular times prior to assignments/projects being due and be able to correspond by email when needed. Meet with students after assignments have been returned to refer unresolved queries about grading to the instructor. Assist with posting lectures and assignments to canvas and other communications. Attend some of the lectures to assist instructor with activities during the lecture.

Minimum qualifications and skills

Education and knowledge requirements: Preference will be given to graduate students in Human Nutrition, Health Sciences and Counselling psychology who have obtained an undergraduate degree in nutrition or dietetics and have a thorough understanding of nutrition, health and counselling techniques. Certificates in any continued education in counselling methods/skills an asset. Skills: Ability to correspond effectively with the instructor and to ask questions when uncertain about grading responsibilities. Ability to maintain accuracy and attention to detail (marking assignments, entering data into spreadsheets). Ability to communicate effectively with the students with their questions. Ability to navigate Canvas and Zoom.


Please contact Sinead Feeney directly if interested.

TA Opportunity: Winter Term 2 LFS 450 – Land, Food & Community III: Leadership in Campus Food System Sustainability



I am looking for a TA for LFS 450 –  Land, Food and Community III: Leadership in Campus Food System Sustainability.

LFS 450 is offered in the 2021/22 Winter Term 2: January to April, 2022 from 2-5pm.

The course uses an applied learning, team-based approach with students to gain knowledge and skills to critically examine and actively advance food system sustainability challenges, spanning climate change, biodiversity, circular economies, food security to ecological and human health, and more. The position is for 165 hours and involves assisting with course preparation, class and group facilitation, evaluating individual and team based assignments, and consulting with students as needed to support them in achieving course learning objectives. More details about the course and job position below.

Interested in applying for this position? Please send me an email at liska.richer@ubc.ca letting me know you are interested along with your resume as soon as possible. If helpful, we can also set up a time to chat about the opportunity first prior to submitting a resume.


Liska Richer (she/her)
Sessional Instructor, Faculty of Land and Food Systems
Email: Liska.richer@ubc.ca



Teaching Assistantship for LFS 450 –  Land, Food and Community III: Leadership in Campus Food System Sustainability

Instructor:  Liska Richer


LFS 450 (Land, Food, and Community III) uses an applied learning, team-based approach with students to gain knowledge and skills to critically examine and actively advance food system sustainability challenges. It offers students the opportunity to apply skills and concepts derived from earlier coursework, experience, and areas of specialization to address contemporary challenges in an integrative, interdisciplinary setting. The central theme of this course is the envisioning, planning, implementation and evaluation of projects aimed at enhancing the ecological, economic and social sustainability of the campus food system.  Opportunities will be provided throughout the course for students to critically examine food-related academic literature and food system issues experienced in the UBC-Vancouver Campus and broader regional and global contexts.



Upon completion of LFC III, students will be able to:

  • Identify personal values, strengths, conflict styles and leadership attributes
  • Identify and critically evaluate food system sustainability issues
  • Plan and initiate activities that can affect positive change towards food system sustainability and alleviating the interconnected climate, health, food and ecological planetary crises
  • Apply principles of Community-Based Action Research
  • Apply principles of whole systems approaches
  • Demonstrate proficiency in conducting secondary and primary research
  • Gain and apply leadership skills
  • Demonstrate competence in project management skills and applications
  • Communicate effectively  and professionally in written and verbal form with various audiences, ranging from non-academic to academic food system practitioners and affiliated community members


The position is for 165 hours and involves assisting with course preparation, class and group facilitation, evaluating individual and team based assignments, and consulting with students as needed to support them in achieving course learning objectives.  Specific duties below:

  •  Participate in regular teaching team meetings with course instructor
  • Read all required reading materials in preparation for class discussions
  • Consult with students as needed to support individual and group assignments and learning needs (including meetings, email communication and responding to Canvas discussions)
  • Evaluate assignments:  Practitioner literature review, UBC Food System Project community-based action research proposals, report and presentations.
  • Review various individual assignments for participation marks
  • Prepare and tabulate individual and group marks, including entering on Canvas and Faculty Service Centre
  • Take attendance
  • Other duties as required


-Preference for student enrolled in a Masters or PhD Program in an area related to food systems, biodiversity, climate change/justice, planning/policy, sustainability, food security, ecological-human health.
-Preferred Degrees/Disciplines: Land and Food Systems, IRES, Geography, Public Policy, Planning


– Experience in local food system analysis, critical thought, argumentation, and essay construction
– Previous TA experience preferred
– Experience with community-based action/applied research
– Experience in working with students and/or professionals with diverse skillsets and specializations


– Familiarity with a broad range of food system issues (biodiversity, climate, food security, food system sustainability, food justice) and other intersectional issues
-Excellent English language and communication skills
– Ability to think strategically, creatively, and apply systems perspectives
– Excellent organizational and time management skills and strong attention to detail is required
– A passion and commitment to social, ecological and economic sustainability, environmental issues and social justice


TAship available for W1 APBI 260 001


Hi there,

Interested in facilitating a problem-based discussion and leading a field lab focused on agroecological data collection and analysis techniques at the UBC Farm?  Got Monday and Wednesday afternoons “open” from 1-4?  If so I’ve got the perfect job for you!  I’ve still got a TA position open for my APBI 260 Introduction to Agroecology.  Send me an email letting me know you are interested along with your CV as soon as possible (like now) and we can set up a time to talk.

TAships can range from 15-65 hours depending on your availability.


Sean M. Smukler  PhD (he/him)
Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies, Chair of Agriculture and Environment
Faculty of Land and Food Systems
123-2357 Main Mall University of British Columbia | Vancouver British Columbia | V6T 1Z4 Canada

Traditional Ancestral Unceded xʷməθkʷəy̓əm Musqueam Territory

Phone 604 822 2795 | Cell 604 728 2816
sean.smukler@ubc.ca | @smsmukler | outlook calendar



Teaching Assistantship for APBI 260 Agroecology 1: Introduction to principles and techniques

Instructor:  Sean Smukler

Course Overview:

The course introduces the biophysical and socioeconomic factors affecting systems management and production in select agroecosystems.  The course consists of two hours of lecture per week, 8 three-hour labs at the University of British Columbia Farm and weekly three-hour problem-based learning (PBL) discussion sessions.


A team of teaching assistants (TAs) help with various aspects of course delivery for 15-80 hours per term depending on the TA’s role.  The lead TA will assist the instructor in organization and facilitation of course and leadership of TA team. TAs will lead a field-based laboratory on agriculture and environment assessment.  They will also facilitate PBL discussion sessions.  TAs will give feedback on PBL performance to learners, participate in teaching team meetings,  grade learning issues and PBL reports, attend student presentations and provide feedback within an indication of possible grades (to Instructor). TAships are also available for grading only for fewer hours.  Perform other duties as required. Student not familiar with the labs or PBL will be required to attend a half day training in preparation for course.

Minimum qualifications & skills

Education: Must have field research or work experience. Undergraduate degree in an Agricultural Sciences program preferred; Science and Arts programs may be eligible. Major in Sustainable Agriculture and Environment, Agroecology/Agricultural Science, Applied Biology, Environmental Science, Ecology, or Natural Resource Management an asset.
Experience: Facilitation or leadership experience preferred.  Experience with PBL an asset.
Skills: Excellent English language and communication skills, including active listening skills. Effective interpersonal and organizational skills. Ability to work in a team environment.


TA needed: Winter Term 2 FNH 490 001 – Food Safety and Quality Management


TA Opportunity

I am looking for a TA for FNH 490 001 Food Safety and Quality Management for the
2021/22 Winter Term 2 – that is, January to April, 2022.
This is a problem-based learning course that examines the techniques, including continuous improvement methods, needed to implement a food safety and quality system in a food manufacturing facility. Sanitation is an area of focus because of its link to significant food-borne outbreaks.

Please email me, Rebecca Robertson, at rebecca.robertson@ubc.ca if you are interested in this TA position.